What’s Next for Rest Fest…

6 Nov

Well, we have three notches on our belt, and three very successful festivals. Each one has been different than the year prior, and each one has been bigger and has run smoother. Rest Fest ’11 saw national acts and hurricanes. Rest Fest ’12 saw three days, our own food and vendors, and oh yeah, a tornado.

We here at B3nson headquarters have been wracking our brains, gathering data, soliciting ideas and just generally wondering what will happen next year. One thing we do know, is that there is no guarantee that St. Joe’s will be available to us next year. At first, we thought this was a bummer, but the reality is, if there is any way that someone can stabilize St. Joe’s and create a sustainable model around it, then Rest Fest has been an outstanding success.  This festival is a labor of love that was created to celebrate the amazing musical scene in Albany, and gather it in a very special place, all while raising awareness of one of the most magical spots in this city. While it is probably entirely unrelated, we would like to think that we had at least a little to do with bringing attention to St. Joe’s.

So where does that leave us? Well, that’s where you come in. We are interested in your thoughts. It is you, the people who are here in Albany that makes this festival work. From the people who love to see live music, to the people who come to see the art or the vendors, to the people who could care less about what it is, as long as there is something positive going on in this town.

We have created a very short survey, which you can find here or below. If you could take a short minute and fill it out, the data you provide will help us in the planning of Rest Fest ’13. In addition to that, one lucky individual who completes the survey will win a free weekend pass to next year’s Rest Fest.

What’s next for Rest Fest? You tell us.

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